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    If a large part of your work force is mobile, Cify´s Remote Office Connect offers just the right solution for your efficient data usage and connectivity needs. Cify´s SSLRemote Office Connect is an enterprise-class service that enables connectivity between your geographically distributed work force and a central location. A perfect solution to aid employees who are either on the move or are working from home. Security: SSL Remote Office Connect takes the following points into consideration to ensure security. Authentication and Authorisation: Only authenticated and authorised users gain access to valuable information and systems through SSL Remote Office Connect. End-point Security: It is also known as ´Client-side Security´ or ´Browser-side Security´. For example, the ´Host checker´ performs end-point checks on the host that connects to the VPN. Server-Side Security: Also known as ´Network Security´, this refers to securing the accessing server, including the SSL Remote Office Connect server itself from falling victim from remote user. Here´s a diagrammatic representation of the server side security process with varied access modes. Remote Office connect Access Modes: When a user accesses the SSL Remote Office Connect gateway, the authentication is performed via Login ID and Password. Based on Login ID and Password an appropriate access mode will be assigned to the user. SSL Remote Office Connect supports three access modes to broaden the supported applications: Portal Access: Supports an ever-expanding number of web-friendly applications through portal. Application Access: Transparent download of a Java applet of Active X that locally runs on the access device during the session. Network Access: This refers to remote access with an add-on client. The client is automatically downloaded on the user´s PC which creates a tunnel to transfer data.

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